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Kevlar(r) is the name for a trademarked blend of para-aramid synthetic fibre developed by DuPoint in 1965 (Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide). Kevlar has limited use as a thread, however when spun into shapes including belts and rope, the result is a material that is 5 times stronger then steel on a weight for weight basis.

The molecular formula of Kevlar is [-CO-C6H4-CO-NH-C6H4-NH-]n, and Kevlar has some amazing thermal properties that make it ideal for use as a wicking in Fire Twirling; Kevlar maintains full strength from room temperature down to cryogenic temperatures, and has only a 10% drop in strength after 500 hours at 160C/320F, indeed most Kevlar wear on fire equipment comes from ground impacts.

The Kevlar we sell is the best you can get, and the stuff we sell is custom-spun for fire-twirling, we sell it by the roll to other fire manufacturers, and we try to keep at least 100kg worth in stock.