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Staff Maker


Create your custom made fire staff, contact staff, devil sticks, or practice staffs using the options below, as you make a choice, you'll get a live quote at the bottom of the page. When you've finished, press confirm, and you'll be able to purchase your staff just like any other from our shop!

Preview of your staff:
Staff Length How long would you like your staff to be?
We recommened that your staff be shorter then from the ground to your breastbone. Most people this measurement is around 120-130cm.
Staff Thickness How thick would you like your staff to be?
Choose 1.2cm if you'd like a devil stick.

1.9 and 2.5 are good choices for most fire staffs. 1.6 might be a good choice if you plan to finger spin your staff.
Staff Colour Would you like your staff to be powdercoated, or have any custom finishes?
Default is aluminium with chrome finishing, and this looks great and outperforms the others in longevity. Note that certain other finishes apply restraints to length and thickness.
Grip Colour Choose up to 3 colours to make up the grip. If you don't want a grip (ie devil sticks), choose a grip size of "0" below.
Grip Length How long would you like your grip to be? Default=35cm. Type 0 for no grip. cm
Fire Head(s) What Fire Head(s) would you like on your staff? You can have between 0 and 5 heads in 6 different sizes.
If you're adding multiple heads, don't forget to "add Space" with your requested spacing between heads
If you'd like a practice (non-fire) staff with rubber stoppers on the ends, remove all heads.

Detailing Choose some colours if you'd like to accent your staff with holographic glitter tape.
Second staff Would you like a matching staff?