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Jester & 'Ali Dream' Sticks & DVD - Pack

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Jester & 'Ali Dream' Sticks & DVD - Pack

Jester & 'Ali Dream' Sticks & DVD - Pack

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The combination of Jester diabolo and 'Ali Dream' sticks has been one of our best-selling diabolo bundles. The Jester's strong build and great weight distribution (less on the axle, more on the cup edges) means that this diabolo performs exceptionally well whilst still being affordable. Aluminium handsticks are the perfect addition to this diabolo. They're light, strong and comfortable and will facilitate far more tricks than basic wooden hand sticks. The pack includes:
1 x Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo
1 x Juggle Dream 'Ali Dream' diabolo hand sticks
1 x Instructional DVD (English, French, German, Spanish & Italian).
Running time - 40 mins.
This DVD is the perfect introduction to Diabolo. Professional players take you from the first steps, through 36 tricks on your journey to becoming a diabolo master.