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Custom-made Poi Wizard


Create your custom made fire poi, practice poi, glow poi, or replacement components using the options below, as you make a choice, you'll get a live quote at the bottom of the page. When you've finished, press confirm, and you'll be able to purchase your poi just like any other from our shop!

Our standard handles are suitable for any poi set! These have been custom made to our specs and are quadruple stitched for incredible strength (Breaking weight is approx 100kg). These handles have 2 loops, for your 2nd and 4th finger.
#15 stainless steel ballchain, rated at 60kg safe-working-load. 8mm Diameter. Suitable for use in fire poi applications. Each ball is its own swivel. Type 304 marine grade, fully corrosion resistant and quite lightweight.
Intermediate Heads: and
Bottom Poi Head:
A fire poi head created by tightly wrapping kevlar around an aluminium tube. Plugged, and has kevlar accross the bottom.
Linkage: Stainless Steel 3.5mm Quick Links
No. 7 ball bearing swivels (if required).
Price: AU$ 49.5
Length: Total length top to bottom: 56cm (approx).
Bottom of handle to bottom: 48cm (approx).
Sku: POI-HDN and POI-CHN-BAL-35 and POI-HED-TUB-065
In stock?: Check stock...